Flexible studio

In addition to the various permanent location setups, Bazelmans AV has also developed a flexible studio concept. This mobile studio can be placed at any desired location, such as at your office, the company canteen, experience center or at another (event) location.

Professional live streams, webcasts and interactive video productions can be realized the location of your choice. Ideal for (shareholder) meetings, corporate events, product launches, Webinars or conferences, with which you can leave a professional impression.

The Flexible Studio-concept is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and are operated by experienced technicians in order to take your online event to the next level.

The (technical) possibilities are endless, to give you inspiration you will find a brief summary below:

  • External dial-in (via Microsoft teams and ZOOM, among others)
  • Streaming on a closed and secure platform
  • Live Q&A sessions and online poll
  • Hybrid event option (combine live with online)
  • & much more …

Bazelmans AV has the experience to advice you on the possibilities of online events and to provide you with tailor-made solutions and advice.

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