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At Bazelmans AV, we don't believe in coincidence. We do believe that you can choose to have the ultimate experience. We stand behind our words when we say that: ‘experience doesn't depend on the moment’, ‘a great time is no coincidence’, ‘ambiance is not controlled by people’ and yes, ‘you can guide emotions’. At Bazelmans, we guarantee to deliver the ultimate experience during events, meetings and presentations. How we do it? By ensuring you get the best light, vision and sound. Every service, every technical component and every employee at Bazelmans is there best in their field. When all parts are the best, the whole is guaranteed to be the ultimate.

From local shop to specialist

The history of Bazelmans AV goes way back to the 1950s, when the parents of the current owner, Wiljan Bazelmans, started a small shop in brown and white goods. Wiljan learns from his father the importance of passion, craftsmanship and customer focus. In 1991, Wiljan and Mirjam Bazelmans took over the business from his parents.

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Further growth

In 1993, Wiljan closes the doors of the local retailer in electrical appliances. In order not to disappoint his customers, Wiljan keeps the repair section open for another six years. The focus in the meantime shifts more towards the rental of audiovisual equipment. Slowly but surely, Bazelmans AV grows into a total supplier of professional lighting, sound and vision. The company keeps growing and is soon too big for its current location. Time to move to the new premises at industrial estate “De Run” in Veldhoven. The business operations expand further. Besides rental, Wiljan adds a sales division to his company.

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New branches

In early 2009, Bazelmans AV acquires Ducab in Amstelveen. With warehouses in Veldhoven and Amstelveen, Bazelmans AV now operates centrally in the three largest regions of the Netherlands. Bazelmans AV is able to continue growing. As a result, a decision is made to build new premises in Veldhoven and to expand the branch in Amstelveen. The new building in Veldhoven offers sufficient space for further growth. Moreover, a lot of attention is paid to developing sustainably. Bazelmans AV is ready for the future.


The values of Bazelmans

Bazelmans AV has been a family-run business since it began. The core values of Bazelmans AV focus on passion, craftsmanship and customer centricity. With many years of experience and expertise in the world of lighting, sound and vision, customers have a feeling of trust, which is exactly the way it should be. At Bazelmans we love connecting people. That's because we believe that together you can create the most beautiful things. Bazelmans is your partner for the rental and sale of state-of-the-art solutions in sound and vision.

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Working at Bazelmans

Our people choose to work at Bazelmans AV because they can turn their passion into a profession at the highest level: the technology of light, sound and vision. At Bazelmans, we believe that hard work pays off. To achieve excellence, you need to be able to accelerate when the work demands it. We enjoy working towards a deadline. It's the excitement, adrenaline and the kick we feel as a team when everything falls into place.

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